I received a gift from a stranger at the beach!

This past Friday was a busy day for me, my plans for the day were: Visit the beach, work on seaglass and prep for my very first Facebook live event!

It was an absolutely perfect day and let me tell you, a shocking one! I was given a gift by a complete stranger at the beach!

I need to share the story with you, this small act of kindness meant so much to me. I hope to return this act to someone else in the future. 

Indian Beach North Sydney Nova Scotia Sea Glass Beach combing Havenside Designs

On Friday, arriving at the beach I was so happy to have made it. I pulled in and remember driving past an older gentleman with his sweet little dog prancing around the park. I parked and walked out to the beach and started looking around for treasures.

It wasn't long after that I seen that same man approaching, he was walking over to me with his hand out. In his hand, were two HUGE pieces of Seaglass. Not just any Seaglass though, he had a Cobalt Blue piece and a Black piece. I was so stunned, I walked up to him and said "Wow!! Look at those, did you find these hear at the beach?".

Nova Scotia Sea Glass Havenside Designs Cobalt Blue Black SeaGlass Beach Combing Gift

I assumed the fella had found these and wanted to share his new finds with someone and wow was I happy to see them. I have never seen such huge pieces of Seaglass and of that rarity too! I asked the man if I could hold one of them and he agreed. I inspected it, really in complete awe. If you are a beachcomber as well, you'll know exactly how I felt in this moment haha!

I handed the Seaglass back to the man and then he holds his hand out and says, "they are yours!". "Get out of town ?!" I said. He insisted I take them, so I did and I asked for his name. His name was Art.

We exchanged some conversation together, I told him where I was from and where I live now and he was so sweet and told me, welcome to the Cape. What a sweet man, I still cannot believe he was so kind. Thank you so much Art wherever you art, you made my day :)

Wild Roses Nova Scotia North Sydney Cape Breton Beach Combing Havenside Designs

After we finished our chat, I continued to admire my new treasure and then went back to beach combing. I felt like I had a real skip in my step after that, what a gift! Looking back on how that made me feel, it makes me want to do the same and I hope to someday with another fellow beachcomber.

Seaglass Sea Glass Beach combing in North Sydney for Nova Scotia Sea Glass Havenside Designs

Once I finished beachcombing for the afternoon I went home to prepare for my first Facebook live event. It was a success and so much fun! I introduced my new Sea Glass Art and you can watch the recording here: https://fb.watch/6Oo2USnOrH/


Thanks so much for reading this little story from the beach and I hope it inspires you! 


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  • Diane on

    What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing.

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