Getting Into The Holiday Spirit With Sea Glass!

I found a great way to get into the Christmas Spirit! Take your holiday decor out early, is November 15th too early? I don't think so!

When I was growing up, my grandparents would always decorate for the holidays by putting those old light up candles in the window and decorating their buffet with ornaments and little holiday items they collected throughout the years.

I remember anytime I would visit them, it was always such a joy seeing their Christmas display. It was so cheerful, bright and warm. Who wouldn't love that feeling right?

I often wonder, did other peoples parents or grandparents do the same? I imagine everyone has their own way of decorating. It could be stringing up Christmas Lights, putting out ornaments you've collected over the years or even just putting on a favourite holiday playlist. I always think to myself, we get to do this life only once, so why not celebrate every moment we can.

As I started out on my new Sea Glass Ornaments this year, I knew I wanted them to be fun and joyful. I'd be lying if I didn't say the task, at first, felt daunting. There were so many blank wood discs to make into ornaments and so little time. But I started and that was the first step to completing them.


Drilling Sea Glass Ornaments Havenside Designs Nova Scotia Seaglass


Once I finished drilling holes in all 140 ornaments and drinking lots of coffee, I cleaned each one off and packed it up for the next step. Painting!

I decided to do 5 designs this year for my Sea Glass ornaments. Each design ended up looking so sweet and most importantly, fun and cheerful. Perfect for beach combers and Sea Glass collectors I think.

Havenside Designs Holiday Seaglass Ornaments Nova Scotia Sea Glass


How did they turn out, don't you just love them? I am considering adding in one more design but I'll have to see if time allows. I had this after thought of doing a design with little sea birds wearing a red winter scarf, how cute would that be?

If you'd like to see the Ornaments up close I made a video that is up on youtube and you can check it out here:

Thanks again for reading another one of my blogs and I hope you are all having a very happy holiday. Please feel free to leave me a note below in the comments, I'd love to know about your families Christmas traditions too. Is there anything special you put out every year to get into the holiday spirit?

- Farrah 

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